Published On: Mon, May 18th, 2015

The Chinese on fact finding mission

oil refineryWILLEMSTAD - A delegation from China is on the island to seek more information about the state of the oil refinery and future plans. Saturday, the delegation recieved a tour of the Isla-terrain.

Also, the management of the Curaçao Refinery Utilities (CRU) gave a presentation on the growth opportunities if the refinery is modernized.

The delegation consists of representatives of the Chinese company CMEC Engineering Machinery Import & Export. They are assisted by the Chinese Consulate in Cura135ao. The delegation was invited by the Multidisciplinary Team, which was asjed by the government to examine the future prospects of the refinery, to come to Curaçao.

Refineria Isla wants to modernize the 100-year-old refinery to a less polluting refinery plant. In order to meet the present quality requirements, the refinery has to increase the quality of its products. To achieve this, the refinery will need more steam, water and air flow. The CRU, the BOO power plant, will then have to increase its production. “We are in discussions to see how we need to adapt our systems to be able to meet these requirements,” said Henny Barbolina, the plant manager at CRU. Both the refinery and the CRU are in need of investments for modernization.

The Chinese delegation raised more questions about the relationship between Isla, Aqualectra and CRU. There also asked about the total costs required for modernization.

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