Published On: Fri, Feb 22nd, 2013

The Government files complaint against former Minister of Finance

George JamaloodinWILLEMSTAD – The Government filed a case against former Minister of Finance George Jamaloodin. Jamaloodin is still in possession of some items bought with public funds and which he was suppose to surrender when his term in office was terminated. These items belong to the Government, said Finance Minister Jose Jardim.

This items are a camera, iPads and various weapons. Probably the former Minister bought a machine gun and two semi-automatic. Jamaloodin was contacted several times to hand in the items, but the former Minister has failed to do so.

Also, his bridging benefit, which every Minister receives after they have served their term, was cut down by the Government. Jamaloodin made different trips which were paid by the Government but that were not official Government trips. Now Jamaloodin has to refund these expenses.

In a conversation with the spokesperson of the Public Prosecution, Norman Serphos, he could not go into details about this case but he confirmed that a complaint was filed against the former Minister.

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