Published On: Fri, Mar 23rd, 2018

The Netherlands concerned about Curaçao online casinos

Bitstarz com Casino PhotoWILLEMSTAD - The Dutch Gaming Authority is seriously concerned about the operators of online casinos from Curaçao that focus on the Dutch market.

“International cooperation between supervisors is necessary to be able to effectively monitor the Dutch gaming market and to fight against illegal gambling. In 2017 the illegal gambling games from Curaçao in the Netherlands was notices,” the organization reports in its annual report. It should also be noted that other supervisors from Europe and Australia have complained to the Dutch Gaming Authority about the illegal gambling games from Curaçao.

“However, the Dutch Gaming Authority is not the supervisor of Curaçao, although this is often thought of in foreign countries,” the organization expresses its powerlessness to act against the operators. In the past, the Dutch Gaming Authority did make efforts to make agreements with the government of Curaçao on tightening supervision of illegal activities, but this did not lead to an agreement.

The providers appeal to have a license from the Curaçao government, but usually, it concerns sub-licenses that are sold for a lot of money. They have no significance beyond Curaçao because other countries have their own laws and regulations.

The Dutch Gaming Authority can, however, impose fines on offenders. This has happened several times with online casinos that operate from Willemstad. Because the owners usually hide behind a trust office and a network of companies in different countries, they don’t care much about being fined.

“The fines that the Dutch Gaming Authority imposes on foreign gambling providers cannot be enforced. To illustrate: the Gaming Authority has imposed fines on 17 (promoters of) illegal online providers. In total, the fines amount to more than 2.6 million euros. Of this, only 530,000 euros was paid,” according to the annual report.

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