Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

Update: Identities of SUV occupants involved in deadly crash

20914498_1646693082039161_3392706157372835734_nWILLEMSTAD - The identities and nationalities of the suspects/victims of the deadly crash at Kaya Mitologia have been released by the police.

Number 1: Suspect/victim (occupant that was sitting next to the driver): The man Enrique Alexander Romero Aguasviva born in the Dominican Republic on September 29, 1970

Number 2: Suspect/victim (occupant who was also sitting in front in the vehicle); the lady Dionny Alexandra Lozada Chiquito born in Venezuela on June 5, 1992.

Number 3: Suspect/victim (occupant who was sitting behind in the vehicle and who died later in the hospital on Friday, August 18 around 23:30 as consequence of the injuries sustained due to the accident): the man A.A.W.I. born in Venezuela October 8, 1997.

The other five suspects that were detained and survived the crash are:

  1. The man O.G.P.B. born in Venezuela, 42 years old (this is the suspect who was shot by the police. The suspect received medical treatment and is already in police custody);
    2. The man J.P.R. born in the Dominican Republic, 28 years old (driver of the vehicle);
    3. The man J.G.M. born in Venezuela, 25 years old;
    4. The lady K.M.B. born in Venezuela, 22 years old;
    5. The lady M.S.C.Y. born in Venezuela, 28 years old.

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