Published On: Fri, Feb 21st, 2014

Utility Company Aqualectra in perilous times

AqualectraWILLEMSTAD – Utility Company Aqualectra is at a crossroads.  A transformation of the organization is urgent and necessary. This is according to Director Darick Jonis this morning during the meeting of the Central Committee of Parliament. He argues for a modification of the monitoring policy. The policy gives, according to Jonis, no room for adjustments.

The rate for the purchase of solar energy should be adjusted. The utility company has been already facing many challenges for years now, while wearing the care of a reliable supply of water and electricity.

The public company must also make a positive contribution to the economy of Curaçao. Over the past six years, the company suffered a loss of more than 220 million dollars.

If it was in the private sector, it would have been unthinkable for Jonis to be standing in Parliament to give a presentation. The Director stated that a company with the same financial figures as Aqualectra would have long been declared bankrupt.

Jonis argued for long-term investments which will reduce maintenance costs. As long as the finances are not there, the company cannot continue with the technological advances.

Aqualectra wants to become fossil fuel independent.

The desire of the company to expand the diesel plant with 115 megawatts may sound contradictory, but with the expansion, it is possible to make more space for alternative energy. Aqualectra wants to expand its wind farm capacity. The supply of solar energy should gradually increase to 55 MW in 2020.

Now Aqualectra gets 8 MW solar power from independent power generators. Further, the company aspires to reduce grid losses and unregistered consumption to below 10 percent, respectively, and below 18 percent.

Preferably all of the water has to be purified by means of Reverse Osmosis before the end of this year. We are talking about 50,000 m3 per day to have reserves. This makes the evaporators to deliver water superfluous.

Minister Jose Jardim will answer questions raised at the meeting in about two weeks.

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