Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2013

Van Leeuwen: “Something has to be done” – Smoc goes to European Court

Oil refineryWILLEMSTAD – Clean Environment Foundation Curacao (Smoc) goes to the European Court. This was reported by the foundation in a press release. There is a request to the European Court of Human Rights. The purpose of this request is that the state of the Netherlands be forced by the European Court to meet the global environmental standards of the World Health Organization, and not the outdated standards established in Curaçao.

Peter van Leewen, President of the organization, said that he was left with no other option. He said that after 7 years of going to court, the organization has lost all confidence that the Government will take any action against constant and grave pollution caused by the oil refinery. “The lack of will comes not only from the Government side but also from the court of justice. This wall they created is of concern for the organization and it is becoming very frustrating. Constant violation of human rights cannot continue without any sanctions,” according to Van Leeuwen.

Van Leeuwen continued stating: “The Dutch Government denies their responsibility and permits this kind of violation in the Kingdom. There is no other alternative than to put this in the hands of the European Court of Justice.”

Smoc wants also, if necessary, a measure imposed to either close down the refinery or the renovation of the facility.

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