Published On: Thu, Nov 21st, 2013

Venezuela protests during royal visit

Royal visitWILLEMSTAD - The opposition in Venezuela has announced a major demonstration on Saturday which will be held during the visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to that country. Reason is the scarcity of food, the inflation of over 50 percent, the insecurity in the country and the inability of the government to do something about it.

According to Sonia Camacho, leader of the anti-government organization Women in Black, it is high time that the opposition take the street to overthrow the government. On December 8, there will be local elections in Venezuela. These elections will be seen as an evaluation of the socialist government of Nicolás Maduro who has now been in power for six months. The national elections are in about 6 years. "We cannot wait," says Camacho.

The Dutch royal couple will not directly see the demonstration, according to Camacho, because will not be near the presidential palace.

It is expected that President Maduro will ban the demonstration. Tuesday he got permission from the parliament to rule by decree for one year. He can argue that the demonstration brings a safety hazard. The opposition said that they will ignore any ban.

The situation is tense in Venezuela. The government has forced shopkeepers to reduce their prices, which has produces some huge queues, chaos and looting. prices Thus, the situation has become even more untenable.

Source: ANP

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