Published On: Wed, Feb 14th, 2018

Wage claim Tromp vs. Central Bank rejected

WILLEMSTAD - The Court of First Instance dismissed the wage claim of the former President of the Central Bank, Emsley Tromp in a summary proceeding.

Tromp claimed that he was still entitled to payment of three months salaries. The Bank had pledged those monthly salaries in the context of Tromp’s dismissal, but the Bank offset this amount against the advancement paid to lawyers and tax advisers.

These payments related to, among other things, the criminal proceedings against Tromp that took place last year. The Court of First Instance now held that the Bank was entitled to set off those invoices against Tromp’s remaining salary. According to the Court of First Instance, Tromp cannot rely on a letter from the former interim president stating that the Bank would review if those bills should be repaid by Tromp. Tromp must have known that the interim president was not authorized to make such a commitment.

Tromp also felt that he was still entitled to an end-of-year bonus of almost 500,000 guilders in total because he had always received such an amount in recent years. The Court also rejected that claim. According to the Court of First Instance, it is still insufficiently clear whether Tromp is actually entitled to such a year-end bonus.

With such a large number of questions, these claims cannot be awarded in a summary proceeding.

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