Published On: Thu, Apr 17th, 2014

“Wiels must go down or else many rich people will lose their power”

Helmin-WielsWILLEMSTAD – Elvis ‘Monster’ Kuwas spoke and explained why Helmin Wiels, leader of the biggest political party in Curacao, had to be killed. He was assassinated on May 5, 2013.

Monster said that it was Luigi ‘Pretu’ Florentina (RIP) and Burney ‘Nini’ Fonseca were the ones who gave him the order to kill Wiels. Nini was with Pretu at the table on the day he gave the order.

Pretu trusted me and told me who gave the order to kill the political leader,” Monster said. “On May 5, I received a message on my phone from Pretu. He then came to Dangelo ‘Pancheck’ Damascus’ house to talk to me about killing someone. Pretu then left to come back with more instructions. I then received a long sleeve shirt from Carlos Pieter to use when killing Wiels. Pancheck gave me a tracksuit with gloves,” Monster told the Public Prosecutor.

“Pieter also has a fake license plate with him. These were stolen. I received the weapons from Raul ‘Bolle’ Martinez (RIP). I then left with Bolle to kill Wiels at the pier at Maripampoen. The following day I was paid,” Monster explained.

Pretu told me who it was about. He told me that it was Helmin Wiels, who had to be killed. I didn’t really know him,” Monster said.

The suspect said that he was told that Wiels had to go down because he was about to reveal important things. “Some people were not happy about this,” he said. “Pretu told me that Wiels had to go otherwise many influential people will lose their power. That’s when I asked him how much they will pay me. Pretu told me 100.000 guilders. I asked Pretu if the one paying. Can he be trusted? Pretu then answered me that the one who’s behind this is not a clown. He’s not a little guy, he has money!”

Source: Extra

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