Published On: Mon, May 23rd, 2016

80/20 law passed in cabinet

Curacao Government CenterWILLEMSTAD - The 80/20 law was adopted last week by the Cabinet. There were five votes in favor and three against.

The Minister of Social Development, Labor and Welfare, Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecila and the Member of Parliament for the ruling party Pueblo Soberano, Elmer Wilsoe made this announcement last Saturday during their weekly party meeting.

Earlier the leader of the PS party, Jaime Cordoba announced that once the law has been adopted by the Cabinet, it should go immediately to the Governor for signing. Cordoba also said that he will have a talk with the Governor about the new law.

Minister Larmonie Cecilia said on January 21 of this year at a press conference that the 80/20 law will be introduced within a month.

The 80/20 law was already adopted by parliament three years ago when the former PS political leader and popular politician, Helmin Wiels was still alive. The 80/20 law indicates that 80 percent of the staff of a company on the island should be locals.

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