Published On: Mon, Sep 9th, 2013

A simple meeting for the closing of the Parliamentary year became about Helmin Wiels’ murder case

ParliamentWILLEMSTAD -  Today was just a regular day for Parliament were the members had to follow procedures to close the Parliamentary year of 2013 to prepare for the opening ceremonies which will take place on September  10, 2013. All this changed when Luigi Florentina (Pretu) committed suicide last Saturday. He was the key witness in the murder case of Helmin Wiels.

It is now a tradition that every year in the month of September, the Parliament closes its year and open the new year’s session the following day. During the opening of Parliament, the Government will present its policies and plans for the new Parliamentary year. They will also present the budget which will have to be approved by a majority of Parliament. This process is an essential part of our democracy.

A dark shadow was cast on these ceremonies now that Parliament has to deal with the death of the key suspect in the murder of the late member of Parliament, Helmin Wiels. The Minister of Justice is also present during the meeting to be held accountable for the incident of last Saturday.

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