Published On: Wed, Mar 20th, 2013

AAV wants stipulations on ‘social return’

Government centerWILLEMSTAD — Contractors’ organization AAV is positive about the government’s plans to introduce ‘social return’ in the public sector, but the latter is to meet several stipulations, AAV-director Mike Willem wrote in a press report.

With social return it’s about a percentage of a contract being used to offer the unemployed equal chances and working experience. “Worldwide, and especially in the Netherlands, the subject social return has expanded enormously. Expectations are that this will continue in the coming years. More and more parties submitting a tender want to ‘do something’ for the social return, but they’re poles apart as to what. As yet, there’s no question of uniformity. The subject also appears to set in on Curaçao. The AAV was very interested to learn of the plans of the minister of SOAW to introduce social return in the public sector.”

The AAV is prepared to support the government’s initiative, said Willem, ‘considering it fits exactly in a more inclusive labor market policy that we advocate. However, AAV urges the necessity of parties concerned enter into a dialogue on the details of social turn and make specific, quantifiable, acceptable, realistic and ‘smart’ agreements.

According to Willem, it comes down to proportional criterion: give the social return candidates the opportunity to follow a training or courses; acknowledge efforts from companies that are not related to projects; include input from pupils as a social return effort; and prevent social return from elimination on the labor market.

Source: Dutch Caribbean Business

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