Published On: Tue, Oct 29th, 2013

ABVO / CTB and Minister Palm in a clinch

CTBWILLEMSTAD - The chairman of the service group of the union representing government employees, ABVO, within the tourist office (CTB), Ritzel Godfrey, made sure that the Minister of Economic Development, Stanley Palm understood that the CTB staff did not deserve to be disgraced publicly in the media.

Palm: “I regret the tone of your email and I do not accept your claims that this government ‘does not give a damn’ about tourism. I kindly request you to deal with this delicate issue professionally so as not to create more negativity in the sector. As a government we are for peace, tranquility and prosperity (pas, trankilidat i prosperidat). We are aware of the critical tone of some media and that the society as a whole regrets all the problems in the tourist sector, but we prefer to have a dialogue with the sector to help Curacao go forward,” the Minister replied to the unionist.

Godfrey states in his letter that CTB always gets blamed for everything, but eventually gets a strong financial cut in the budget, which makes the agency practically ​​powerless. “The development of the tourist product abroad is silent for five years. We cannot promote Curaçao,"said the trade unionist. Also on numerous times they requested to bring back certain responsibilities under CTB but to no avail. The trade unionist refers to the maintenance of the beaches, nature reserves, plazas, roundabouts and (palm) trees along public roads. However, the wording is tough: “The government does not have the guts to regulate this business and doesn’t do a ‘damn’ thing for the tourism industry and why the 'hell' does nobody give the necessary funds to CTB?”

Godfrey continues: “But if the beaches are polluted, CTB gets the blame, if there is no security for tourists, CTB gets the blame, as the palm trees along the road dies, CTB gets the blame, as Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) goes bankrupt, it’s CTB’s fault, as Veneto Hotel goes bankrupt, CTB is to blame, drug addicts and no toilets in Punda, CTB again, but if Coco Wladimir hits a homerun, the Minister travels immediately to Japan.”

Source: Antilliaans Dagblad

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