Published On: Wed, Dec 13th, 2017

Actions unions continue today

MANIFESTANTE RUMBO PA WARDI POLIS RIOCANARIOWILLEMSTAD - the actions announced by the fifteen unions are in the interest of more than sixty percent of the population of Curaçao who have to manage to live on a minimum wage, said spokesman Errol Cova. “Many of them are oppressed and cannot stand up for themselves, we have to fight for them.”

Coordinator of the actions Last night Alex Molina called on all employees to gather at 7.00 this morning at the office of the trade union BTG (Bònt di Trahadornan di Gobiernu) in Marie Pampoen. What action is being taken today, the leader of the action committee of the 15 trade unions who have united as Solidaridat Sindikal, did not want to say.

“A war whose strategy is known in advance is a lost war,” says Molina.

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