Published On: Tue, Jul 3rd, 2018

‘Agreement Aruba – Curaçao about ferry service within a few months’

Ferry ServiceWILLEMSTAD, ORANJESTAD - Within one to two months Aruba and Curaçao will have the agreement about the fast ferry between the islands. And before the end of the year the second agreement with the operator.

This is according to the Aruban Minister of Transport Chris Romero. He indicated that the ferry will be 120 meters high, which can easily transport 800 people and about 300 cars.

The Spanish shipping company Fred Olsen Express has for years been interested in a ferry service between the islands. Also the Dutch company Waterbus, and since last week, a Turkish company has also registered but the minister did not want to mention its name.

An important requirement is that the operator also invests in the port facilities. Because the government wants to invest as little as possible, but assumes that this is no more than half a million guilders. "If we invest ourselves, it will certainly cost the government 10 times more than if a private company does it," says the Aruban minister firmly.

He does not expect that a crossing will cost more than 100 florins per person: "I even think less."

The islands are counting on an economic revival by opening the ferry service. "Container transport between the islands is now very expensive," says Romero, who also expects the fast ferry to boost tourism on both islands.

What the ferry service will mean for the local aviation companies that often have difficulty maintaining the operations between the islands, the minister does not yet know: "We have not met with them yet. It will certainly be a challenge for these companies. But it also offers opportunities to diversify their services."

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