Published On: Fri, Sep 9th, 2016

Although convicted, Schotte still popular in the polls

schotteWILLEMSTAD – Six weeks before the parliamentary elections in Curacao and it is going very well for the former Prime Minister and current Member of Parliament Gerrit Schotte and his party MFK. In the first poll, 27 percent of respondents says that they will vote for MFK.

The results of the poll have even surprised the researchers. The former prime minister was sentenced by the court in March this year to three years' imprisonment for forgery, official bribery and money laundering. Moreover, Schotte was restricted for a period of five years from running for public office, so he cannot be elected during this time as a member of parliament.

But Schotte appealed his case. He then sent his attorneys home and hired the Dutch attorney Geert-Jan Knoops and his wife as new lawyers. With this change, the former prime minister was able to delay his case and gave him enough to participate in the elections of September 30. This is why he can just participate.

Also noteworthy is that almost a third of all respondents designate Schotte as the most trustworthy politician. In contrast, more people found Schotte to be unreliable. According to the pollsters is due to the polarization of politics in Curaçao: either you are for Schotte or you're against him.

The poll also shows that most people do not yet know who they will vote later this month. More than half have not made a choice yet. With such a large group of undecided voters, it can go in any direction.

According to the pollsters, it is unlikely that in this group of undecided voters there are many MFK voters and it is still questionable whether the party will get the most votes on September 30. A second survey next week will provide more clarity.

By Dick Drayer

Photo credit: Curaçao Chronicle

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