Published On: Wed, Nov 13th, 2013

Amerigo Thode MP sends letter to Minister of Finance Dr. Jose Jardim related to Central Bank

ThodeWILLEMSTAD - Through the local media it has become known that former Minister of Finance, Mrs. Ersilia de Lannooy, after her resignation on 10 October 2010, per December 1 entered employment at the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) with a gross salary of 25,000 guilders per month.

However, Mrs. De Lannooy immediately moved to the Netherlands to pursue a degree after her resignation.

Remarkably, the Parliament has continuously asked whether there is an employment relationship between the CBCS and Mrs. De Lannooy. An employment relationship between the parties was always strongly denied by Mrs. De Lannooy, but once admitted by the president of the CBCS, Mr. Tromp. This of course does not give the necessary confidence, and reiterates the doings of Mr. Tromp with funds from the citizens of Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

In connection with the above, we ask you, through the Government of Curacao, to request answers to these questions as soon as possible and provide information, clarity and transparency regarding these latest developments to Parliament and the people of Curacao.


  1. Why there was no open application for this job?
  2. Why has there never been transparency around this employment?
  3. Why is Mrs. De Lannooy, despite her absence of two years, in the service of the CBCS with such a high salary while she claims two years of salary as a former Minister?
  4. Was Mrs. De Lannooy, without relevant diploma, the best suitable candidate for the position of Risk Manager which she received from her cousin Mr. Tromp?
  5. What is the market-based salary on Curaçao for this position?
  6. Since when was this function available at CBCS? At what conditions?
  7. Who fulfilled this function during the absence of Mrs. De Lannooy?
  8. Only in 2013 was Mrs. De Lannooy physically present at her workplace at CBCS. What did she do during the 30 months for the CBCS?
  9. Since October 2012, as confirmed by her, Mrs. De Lannooy became the personal adviser to the current Minister of Finance. Is this in accordance with the rules of CBCS? What are the current rules on this matter? Are there documents available that regulate this?

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