Published On: Mon, Feb 19th, 2018

Another initiative to jumpstart the economy: Micro enterprise can apply for micro loan

korpodeko-1WILLEMSTAD - From now on, micro-enterprises can turn to the government development bank Korpodeko for a loan of up to five thousand guilders. In the neighborhoods, people with good ideas can qualify for such a microloan.

Entrepreneurs are guided in a process before the granting of the loan.

Director of Korpodeko Chesron Isidora says that they want to make the entrepreneur aware of good entrepreneurship.

Isidora indicated that there is a great need for a microloan like this. The bank is currently giving information about the loan and the reaction is great. “Many people are asking us, including students who would like to start their own business. Also, people who already have a small business,” said Isidora.

“There are people with really good ideas, very creative ideas actually. Sometimes even talents that can become a business. These people are good workers, good entrepreneurs and we are trying to give them direction. What we are trying to do is give content to their ideas with this new program,” said Isidora.

According to the Director, the first thing those that are interested need to do is to register themselves at the bank. These will then be screened. The bank will talk to them about their business idea or if they already have a business, the bank will discuss this with them. Based on this information, the bank will select a group with which it will work.

“Sadly, we cannot help everybody but we will maintain a good relationship with those who did not make the cut and maybe in the future we will be able to assist them. Of course, once we start this project we have to make sure that it becomes a success. And this will give others the opportunity to be part of the program in the future,” said Isidora.

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