Published On: Fri, Aug 22nd, 2014

Asjes: Friction with his own faction again

Ivar AsjesWILLEMSTAD - Once again, there is disagreement between the parliamentary faction of the Pueblo Soberano (PS) and Prime Ivar Asjes. Last week there were differences of opinion about the Sanctions Ordinance. Premier Asjes defended the proposal with heart and soul in parliament, but his entire faction in parliament rejected the bill.

Now there is disagreement about the dismissal of Meendert 'Menki' Rojer. He was the executive policy advisor at the Department of Human Resources at the Ministry of General Affairs, but was sacked last week; that dismissal was endorsed by the Council of Ministers.

Rojer made various political statements, including in the media, where he is a popular radio commentator. He said that Prime Minister Ivar Asjes should offer his apologies to the President of the Central Bank, Emsley Tromp. Tromp previously overloaded by former PS leader Helmin Wiels and the Schotte-government with accusations and insults. Especially now that Asjes' wife is employed at the Central Bank, Rojer believes that excuses are in place.

The government says that the dismissal of Rojer is based not only on his public statements, but also malfunction at the ministry. The fraction of Pueblo Soberano disagrees with the dismissal. They believe that a public official is also entitled to freedom of speech and the government has failed to abide by the rules, which apply at the dismissal of civil servants.

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