Published On: Sat, Oct 13th, 2012

Asjes has not turned in his government credit card yet

WILLEMSTAD – All authorities was taken away from Ivar Asjes, former president of the parliament and Sylvin Cijntje, suspended head clerk of parliament. In a letter which was sent to the Department of Finance and other institutions, they were informed about this decision and also no to take any orders from these two individuals, because Parliament is not responsible for expenses these two make.

A letter was also sent to Asjes to turn in the keys and his credit card. According to the new president of parliament Dean Rozier, Asjes has picked up his belongings from his office and was not attending any of his responsibilities at work. He also turned in his government car. The credit card is still missing.

Mr. Rozier has also informed the bank that since September 10, Parliament is not responsible for any expenses made by Ivar Asjes given that he was not president of parliament anymore. Rozier hopes that Asjes will turn in his credit card as soon as possible. Asjes replied that he will remain in that function until November 2 when the new parliament takes seat.

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