Published On: Mon, Jan 6th, 2014

Asjes looks back on a turbulent year

Ivar AsjesWILLEMSTAD - Premier Ivar Asjes reiterated the main points of the coalition in his national speech yesterday on television. The Prime Minister spent a few words on the lack of safety on the island. He came back briefly to the cuts in the public sector.

The government looks back on a turbulent 2013, Asjes indicated. He wished all the families of fatal victims of violent crimes much strength. The Prime Minister also looked back at the murder of Helmin Wiels with disgust and called it an ‘ugly stain on our history’.

Cuts in public sector

Curaçao also experienced a tough year in the financial and economic areas, which forced the government to take austerity measures to bring the island back on its two feet. It was also necessary to put the public spending back in order. Civil servants have to sacrifice for this to happen. Premier Asjes hopes that action can be taken through consultations. The Prime Minister also pointed out that 2013 was a tough year for the pensioners who had to give in so much.

Five priorities

The coalition has five priorities: nation building, sustainable economic recovery, increase the quality of life, good governance and sound fiscal policies. A plan in the context of nation-building, a process in which the sense of unity of the people is strengthened, is being drafted by a steering committee. It will include the celebration of thirty years Dia di Bandera (National Flag Day).


For some a good education is necessary to increase their standard of living. In the coming year, the government is investing in education to boost the level. The government is also keen to ensure access to education for all. The medical care should be accessible to everyone. With the construction of the new hospital, the government has taken a decisive step in the right direction.

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