Published On: Fri, Oct 17th, 2014

Asjes: “We are prepared for Ebola”

Premier AsjesWILLEMSTAD – According to the Prime Minister of Curaçao, Ivar Asjes, Curaçao is prepared if someone infected with the Ebola virus comes to the island. The Premier indicated that there were consternations because the equipment and protective gears to use when treating an Ebola patient is not available yet in Curaçao.

“That is true, but they are not available yet for the entire Caribbean or a great part of Latin America. But I must say that we do have the necessary equipment that can be used in case we have to deal with this virus. And together with other countries that we have contact with, but also organizations like PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) and the Dutch Minister of Public Health, we have put together a contingency plan to act in case we find ourselves in this situation.”

According to the Prime Minister, PAHO also has this plan and is readily available to assist the health authorities on the island. The health organization has the necessary equipment that can be shipped immediately to Curaçao.

The reality is that there isn’t enough equipment for all the hospitals and all the countries in the region.

“Right now for is what’s important is our immigration services at our harbor and our airport to see who is entering our island. This is why our Department of Foreign Relations is keeping an eye on this situation, just like when we had problems with Venezuela a few months ago.”

The Prime Minister also mentioned as an option to impose a travel ban for countries affected by the Ebola virus. But he also indicated that there are people who are against such measures. “It is important for us to make a decision whether we will impose this ban or not,” according to the Prime Minister.


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