Published On: Fri, Sep 7th, 2012

Asjes will not let the opposition vote him out

WILLEMSTAD – President of the Parliament Mr. Ivar Asjes told the twelve States members of the opposition that their request for him be voted out during a Public Meeting will not be honored. Mr. Asjes will not put it on the agenda.

The majority in Parliament, which now is the opposition, wants a new President and Vice-President of the Parliament. Asjes said in a letter to the opposition members in Parliament that this is against the Rules of Procedure and he will not cooperate with this.

Since the fall of the government, the members of the opposition have been trying to remove the President and the Vice-President of Parliament. They have also been trying to form an interim government to handle ongoing affairs until the formation of a new government after the elections.

President of Parliament, Mr. Ivar Asjes has constantly suspended all public meetings where actual decisions are taking. This action has sparked furious reaction from the majority in Parliament, who now accuses the President of dictatorial behavior.

This impasse will probably continue until the elections of October 19, 2012.

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