Published On: Sat, Sep 7th, 2013

At closing Parliament year: PAIS satisfied with President Mike Franco

Asjes and Franco

WILLEMSTAD – The political party PAIS is satisfied with the performance of the President of Parliament, Marcoline ‘Mike’ Franco.

As it is tradition, closing of Parliament will be on September 9, 2013. According to PAIS, they can look back to a very active parliamentary year in which many important meetings took place and different bill proposals were adopted and accepted as law. During the period that Mr. Franco was at the helm, a significant improvement was noticeable in the relation between the partners in the Kingdom, i.e. Aruba, Sint Maarten, BES islands and the Netherlands. But most importantly, it can be said that democracy reigned in Parliament, especially how every faction in Parliament had the opportunity to perform their duties and bring forth their opinions.

A dark shadow was cast upon this parliamentary year though with the murder of the political leader Helmin Wiels.

PAIS congratulates Marcoline ‘Mike’ Franco and hopes that he will continue to lead Parliament in a democratic way as he has been doing since December 10, 2012 when he assumed the responsibly of President of Parliament.

Image: Premier Asjes (left) and Mike Franco



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