Published On: Thu, Dec 12th, 2013

Balborda does not exclude toll roads

BalbordaWILLEMSTAD - Minister Earl Balborda of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning does not exclude that in the future toll roads will be introduced in Curacao.

The Minister made this declaration during his turn at the budget meeting of the Parliament of Curacao when he was asked by the MP’s about the construction of additional new roads on the island.

In this context Balborda talked about the need for alternative ways to build roads and to raise funds.

Taking into account the developments on the island, the Minister indicated that in the future toll roads might be introduced here in Curacao.

“This creates the possibility for drivers to pay extra for comfort and are not faced with long queues, as for example is currently the case on Caracasbaaiweg,” Balborda declared in Parliament.

The minister said that many motorists have expressed their willingness to pay for extra comfort.

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