Published On: Wed, Jan 2nd, 2013

Betrian: Interim-cabinet has completed the tasks

WILLEMSTAD – Although the Interim Government headed by Stanley Betrian has had no time to pursue a policy in the past three and a half months, the former Prime Minister believes the cabinet complied with the instructions it received from the Governor. He therefore looks back on the period of his cabinet with satisfaction.The period of the interim-cabinet of Betrian officially ended when the new Ministers took the oath and the Governor signed the national decree for their appointment. On the period of his interim-cabinet Betrian stated the cabinet had been given five specific orders and that all five had been completed.

The cabinet was to arrange the organization of new elections; present a new law on integrity to regulate the screening of candidate-ministers; to chart the actual financial situation of the country; to improve the relations within the Kingdom, and to earn a good reputation internationally for Curaçao again. The cabinet did not have the time to make or pursue policy.


Betrian foresees huge challenges for 2013: “We can take up challenges together as long as we join forces as a community”, he said during the last press conference of his cabinet.

The Betrian-cabinet already gave the initial impetus to take up the challenges with presenting the 2013-budget to the Parliament. “The budget is balanced. The normal service is balanced and the capital service falls within the interest burden standard.”

Minister of Finance, José Jardim, added that the budget includes all measures to reorganize the government finances. “It’s a budget that reflects the will to enforce reforms, but also a budget that brings hope for the future. It’s a mix of revenue-increasing and cost-reducing measures and a boost for the economy of 1.3 percent of the Gross National Product, the GNP.”

The spearheads for the economic incentives lie with the construction of a new hospital, improvement of the school buildings and the social infrastructure, such as recreation and relief for the elderly, said Jardim. For this the Government reserved 8 million guilders in the budgets of this year and the next. Expectations are that – despite these incentives the economy will show a 2.2 percent decline in 2013.


As regards the volunteered advice from the Committee for Financial Supervision (Cft) on the budget reported last week, Jardim stated the Cft pointed out risks in the budget due to stress as a result of the economic situation but Cft simultaneously advised to discuss this budget in the Parliament.

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