Published On: Wed, Aug 17th, 2016

Bill proposal personal liability of ministers passed in parliament

ParliamentWILLEMSTAD - Ministers may be held personally financially liable for mismanagement. This bill proposal was adopted by parliament in the amendment of the Ordinance 2010 Accounting with 11 votes in favor and no vote against.

The amendment stems from a resolution adopted by a majority in parliament in 2013. In this motion, parliament requested the government to ask the Advisory Council to examine, according to the Penal Law, the Civil Law and the principles of good governance, what the possibilities are to hold ministers responsible for mismanagement.

According to the promoter of the bill, the PAIS political leader, Alex Rosaria, the amendment gives parliament more tools to timely take action against the government.

“We need not wait until we get the annual report afterwards,” said the political leader and MP for PAIS.

According to Rosaria, with the amendment the ministers now have a more emphatic duty to deal with the people’s money in a responsible manner.

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