Published On: Fri, Aug 8th, 2014

‘Nini’ Fonseca released under strict conditions

judge-hammer1-courtWILLEMSTAD - Burney ‘Nini’ Fonseca has been released under strict conditions. The judge stressed that he is still a suspect. He must turn in his passport. He cannot leave the island and must always be available for justice. The judge argued that he has been in detention since last year and his case should have been treated today. There is no exact date when his case will be presented before the judge. The request made by the Public Prosecutor has been honored, the case has been postponed.

Judge Van Dam van Isselt:

"Both interests weigh heavily in Fonseca’s case, the interest of the investigation team as of the defendant. The defendant has been under arrest since September 20, 2013 and the Public Prosecution cannot indicate when the investigation will finish. This is why the interest of the defendant weighs heavier now."

Nini is a suspect in both the cases Magnus and Maximus. According to the Public Prosecutor, Nini is the mediator between those who executed the murder and the intellectual authors of the murder of the late political leader and Member of Parliament, Helmin Wiels.

Case Magnus has been adjourned till 2 o’clock this afternoon when the defendants Kuwas (Monster), Damascus and Pieter will have the opportunity to give their final word before the judge give his sentence on August 29 this year.

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