Published On: Wed, Jun 6th, 2018

Brothers of murdered Helmin Wiels no longer believe in justice: “the big ones are safe!”

Helmin WielsWILLEMSTAD - Werner Wiels and Aubert Wiels have sharp criticism of the way in which the Public Prosecution has investigated the murder of their brother, the parliamentarian Helmin Wiels. Today, Thursday and Friday is the appeal case against a number of suspects.

Werner Wiels calls the entire investigation 'below all levels'. He says the investigation started well and progressed steadily. But at one point it got stuck because of certain 'powerful figures from the society that are part of the establishment'. They helped with the financing of the murder, but apparently they cannot be tackled, he claims.

That is why Werner no longer believes in a solution to the murder, only a 'miracle' is still possible. "Much of what has happened is a reflection of our society. We are no longer in charge of Curaçao, the Dutch are the boss. They decide which case does and which case does not continue. There is nepotism. "He says that the purpose of the Public Prosecution is to support the current government that agrees with everything the Netherlands says.”

‘Helmin is not the first or the last that was murdered’

Aubert Wiels also believes that too little has been done about the case. "Now they are looking for an opportunity to close the case. Because high-ranking and powerful people are involved in society. That is why they cannot be dealt with and will in all likelihood never be punished."

The persons who, according to him, are now being tried, are 'small perpetrators' hired by the 'big ones' with money. Those 'big ones' who gave orders for the murder are 'safe at home', says Aubert. "Helmin Wiels is neither the first nor the last person that this group has killed. They will continue killing as long as their money or their position in the community is threatened."


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