Published On: Wed, Apr 6th, 2016

Bus drivers: “Ministry acts behind Minister’s back”

bus station OtrabandaWILLEMSTAD – Once again the bus drivers came in action this morning. They blocked the entrance to the bus station in Otrabanda.

The reason for this action was because representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) were handing out the new rate tables with attached a copy of the Act, which states that bus drivers who do not comply with the established rates, receive a fine of 5,000 guilders (2,800 dollars).

The president of the union representing the bus drivers, Giovanni Decaster argues that this action of the MEO is seen by them as a threat and claims that these representatives have set this up as a show of force. According to Decaster, the Minister in charge of MEO, Eugene Rhuggenaath was not even aware of the action of the officers. Decaster even sent a message to the Minister, who replied that he’s not aware of what is going on and that he will continue according to the agreement the parties had since last week when the bus drivers held their first action.

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