Published On: Mon, Nov 16th, 2015

Camelia-Römer: “Economy is victim of crisis”

Minister Suzanne Camelia-Romer

Minister Suzanne Camelia-Romer

WILLEMSTAD - The economy is the main victim the political crisis. This is according to outgoing Minister of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning, Suzy Camelia-Römer during the weekly press conference of the Council of Ministers.

She explained that the government will continue to govern even though it’s in a caretaker status. “We just make decisions and everything is running according to plan. Let me reassure you that all requests for permits are taken care of. We just cannot start with new projects or take care of controversial issues,” said the Minister during her turn at the press conference.

Still, the crisis comes at an inopportune moment. “The economy, after a long time of contraction, is now showing signs of growth. But the crisis brings instability and businesses will put a halt to all investments. That is the natural reaction in a crisis. But in politics you should expect anything. You don’t know how long you are there for. It’s part of the game,” said the Minister.

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