Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

Camelia-Römer has a committee but Cijntje wants another one

Curacao Government CenterWILLEMSTAD – There is a palpable tension between the parties of the current government coalition these days. Many are saying that it could be the Pueblo Soberano (PS) party that could cause a crisis for the government.

The PS not only will not cooperate with the expansion of the coalition but is now in confrontation with the Minister of Spatial Planning Suzanne Camelia-Römer of the PNP party.  The Member of Parliament for PS, Melvin Cijntje voted together with the opposition parties for the continuation of a committee in charge of Smart Zoning. The Minister is against this.

The PNP party indicated that they will discuss this internally and that they cannot say yet whether or not they are still part of this government.

Minister Camelia-Römer explained on several occasions that her Ministery already has a committee that is working on the Island Development Plan, which includes zoning, transportation and housing. She doesn’t see the need for another committee. Cijntje says that he has a better option that will be more beneficial for the island. It will also cost less than what the Minister is proposing.

Cijntje also said that he will not compromise and that he, as an MP, must defend the interest of the people he represents.

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