Published On: Wed, Nov 7th, 2012

Camelia seeking fourth party

WILLEMSTAD - Since the signing of the declaration of joint effort yesterday morning, it is up to informateur Glenn Camelia to search for a fourth party.

This party must be willing to form a majority in parliament with Pueblo Soberano, PAIS and PNP, so that a government can be formed. The three parties that have signed the declaration together have ten of the 21 seats, one seat short of a majority. All efforts to look for a partner, who wants to rule with the three, are through Camelia.

The informateur must thereby break all barriers, including parties like MFK and PAR will be spoken with. Most logical choice is to form with political party MAN, but they are still hoping for a cabinet with MFK and Pueblo Soberano. Previous negotiations for such coalition were however unsuccessful.

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