Published On: Tue, Sep 25th, 2012

Candidates for Interim Government

WILLEMSTAD – Some names have been mentioned as candidates for the interim government. These are professionals in their fields who should take care of the government till after a normal government is formed after the elections.

Candidates Interim Cabinet Ministers are:

  1. Mr. Stanley Betrian (Justice)
  2. Dr. Jose Jardim (Finance)
  3. Gregory Damoen, MSc, Ing (Finance)
  4. Henry Jourdain, RA (Finance)
  5. Stanley Bodok, MHA (Education/Public Health)
  6. Carel de Haseth (Kingdom Relations)

Due to the serious financial situation, it seems as the formateur has chosen professionals who can handle the financial instructions from the Kingdom Council of Ministers and hopefully balance the budget and eliminate the enormous deficit.

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