Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2013

CBS presents on its website information from census 2011 about demography and migration

Curacao Government CenterWILLEMSTAD – On Friday, March 22, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) will have the first two tables of Census 2011 on the their website. It includes information regarding demographic characteristics and information on migration characteristics (country of birth and nationality) of the population.  In the coming period, every two weeks, new tables are posted on the CBS website. At a later date, all tables are compiled in a Census Publication.

Some observations based on tables in the series Demography and Migration are:

Population, gender and age

At the date of the Census (26 March 2011), there were 150,563 people in Curacao (2001: 130,627). The population consists of 81,715 women (55%) and 68,848 men (45%), 13.8% of the population are 65 and older (20,728)

Cohabitation and Marital Status

The marital status of the population aged 16 years and over (118,881 people) is as follows: 43,598 persons (36.7%) are married. Do you live together with a partner? This question was posed to people aged 16 and older. 40,720 people (34.3%) are married and living together with their partner and 48,029 persons (40.4%) aged 16 and older have no partner.


The Roman Catholic faith is the largest denomination with 109,538 persons (73.1%).


Of all the inhabitants of Curaçao, 114,200 persons (75.8%) were born in Curaçao, 35,647 residents (23.7%) were born outside of Curacao. The three main countries of birth are: Netherlands: 8988 people (6%), the Dominican Republic: 5,405 persons (3.6%), Colombia: 4,537 persons (3%)


133,556 people (88.7%) have the Dutch nationality. The 3 most common foreign nationalities are the nationalities of the following countries: Colombia: 3,386 persons (2.2%), Dominican Republic: 2,906 persons (1.9%), Haiti: 1,772 persons (1.2%)

Country of birth of parents

In the Census of 2011 was the first time the question of where the father and mother of the respondent were born. For 101,437 persons (67.4%), which the father was born in Curacao, for 99,282 persons (65.9%), which the mother was born in Curacao. For 89,570 persons (59.5%), which both parents were born in Curacao.

On the website there are also more tables on the actual duration (duration of residence) and the planned duration (intended length of stay) of persons born outside the island.

The tables gives a numerical insight into the diversity of countries of birth and nationalities of the inhabitants in Curacao. In the near future, the CBS will publish a more in-depth analyzes on these topics.

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