Published On: Wed, Jan 30th, 2013

Cft: April will be a crucial month

WILLEMSTAD — The Council financial supervision (Cft) is of the opinion that in several months the current government is well on its way to meet all stipulations of the instruction given by the National Council of Ministers last year. The Cft announced this today during a press conference.  The crucial point is that the budget of 2013, which the Parliament approved last week, receives a positive advice in April from the Cft. A positive advice requires two things: first, the timely introduction and implementation of the measures mentioned in the budget, especially the reforms in the national health service and increasing the retirement age; second, the deficits from the past must be compensated. The budget is now with the governor for official assessment. The Cft will then give a final advice on this budget within two weeks. Subsequently there’s the period to monitor the implemented measures, followed by a positive advice in April at the latest, or the advice for a new instruction.


Cft-chairman Age Bakker: “We realize this will be tough but the ‘window of opportunity’ has come to enforce the changes.  We expect to give a positive advice in April if the start is made to implement the measures late March/early April, and if the supplementary budget – with the compensation of the deficits – is approved.” With a positive result the instruction will become less ineffectual and clear the way for Curaçao to negotiate loans at favorable conditions, according to Bakker. In the past days the Cft met frequently with the minister-president, the minister of Finance, the Council of Ministers, the governor, USONA, Aqualectra and the SVB. These meetings proceeded in a pleasant atmosphere, said Bakker. A visit to the SVB also contributed toward a positive opinion of the Cft; when asked if changes could be forced through in the short term, the SVB answered positively.

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