Published On: Tue, Aug 28th, 2018

Chinese Consul is positive about the future relations between China and Curaçao

Consul XueWILLEMSTAD - In a recent exclusive interview with the Chinese Consulate-General, Consul Xue Shan spoke about several topics of importance for the relation between the Dutch Kingdom primarily and particularly Curaçao and China.

Consul Xue indicated that the friendship between the Netherlands and China has a long history, the local people’s favorite Delftware is the symbol of this friendly exchange history. China is committed to developing friendly relations with countries all over the world on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.

In 2014, the bilateral relationship was elevated to an open and pragmatic partnership for comprehensive cooperation, after that, high-level exchanges of visits are frequent, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the Netherlands. In just two months this year, the Dutch King and Prime Minister successively visited China. The Sino-Dutch relations stand at new historical junctures of the respective national development.

The establishment of the Chinese Consulate in Willemstad is to promote exchange and cooperation between China and the Dutch Caribbean. “Our work is supported and assisted by local governments and the community. We helped China’s Guangdong TV station come to the island, hundreds of thousands of people in China watched the report within few days and more and more Chinese are getting to know the island. We invited the Chinese art group to perform, showcase the charm of the Chinese culture, the performances were quite popular among the locals,” said the Consul Xue.

The Consul also indicated that they promoted the cooperation between Chinese and Curaçao’s TV stations. They recommended volunteer Chinese teachers to Curaçao Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean (ICUC). As part of the Consulate’s work they also hosted cultural exchange party and brought Curaçao Chinese School and other local schools together. They invited relevant people to attend seminars in China. These all promoted exchanges and enhanced mutual understanding between the two sides. The number of people traveling to China for business has increased year by year.

In the community, the Consulate General was visibly very active. The Chinese representatives visited the elderly house, they brought stationaries to the local students and helped with the improvement of condition of school. They donated sports equipment to Curaçao 2017 CARIFTA Games. Besides all that, the Consulate supported the temporary housing project in St. Maarten after Hurricane Irma. Recently, they are planning to donate some books to Curaçao library.

To the question how the relation is between the Consulate and the Chinese community on the island is, Consul Xue said that one of their primary tasks is to provide visa service and issue documents for local Chinese. “We go to neighborly islands in schedule to provide same service. This brings more convenience to locals. We put the people first, we helped the establishment of Chinese schools in order to meet the needs of Chinese children to learn the language. This was greatly welcomed by local Chinese.”

Consul Xue also indicated that after Hurricane Irma last year, they assisted with the safe transfer of the elderly, babies, patients and pregnant women to Curaçao. The Consul-General went to St. Maarten as soon as it was possible. There he visited the Chinese and assisted to solve their difficulties. The Consulate-General maintains the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese nationals.

Consul Xue stressed that they have always encouraged overseas Chinese and institutions to integrate into the local society, and actively participate in all local social activities.

“For example, the students of Chinese School often perform together with local art schools. The Curaçao Chinese community was invited to act cultural and artistic performances in the downtown area. In St. Maarten, they joined in carnival activities. In Aruba, they participated in the National Flag Day celebration. These have promoted the mutual understanding and relationship between the Chinese and other locals,” said Consul Xue.

To the question whether the Consulate-General helps the Chinese community to understand the law and requirements of the island, Consul Xue stated that the Consulate-General always requires the Chinese to abide by local laws and regulations, respect and follow the local habits and customs, contribute to the society and build a good image.

“In January this year, the Consulate-General held a meeting on regulations and security for the Chinese at the World Trade Center. Officials from the Ministry of Economic Development and other departments introduced relevant detailed regulations. Police officials introduced characteristics of robbery and gave suggestions to strengthen self-protection. We appreciate the support given by relevant departments of government.”

Consul Xue is positive about the future relations between China and Curaçao.

“China pursues peaceful, open and mutually beneficial development. With more than 1.3 billion people, China has a big market, as the world’s second largest economy, the stable development of China will bring more investment and growth opportunities to the whole world. Curaçao has a good social environment, diverse cultures, excellent natural and location advantages. All these bring great potential cooperation between the two sides. The Chinese consulate is willing with the Curaçao government to turn the potentials into tangible results and benefits for both peoples.”

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