Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2017

Cijntje: “If the Governor wants us to go to the Netherlands, we will go!”

Melvin CijntjeWILLEMSTAD – During his dissertation in Parliament, the Pueblo Soberano faction leader Melvin Cijntje says that if the Governor, in her letter to Parliament, gives the suggestion to go to the Netherlands to talk about the elections, then they will do just that.

According to Cijntje, he laments that the impression he had two weeks ago became reality when he received the letter from the Governor which confirmed that the democracy has been suspended for a few weeks. Cijntje also took note of the letter that says that Parliament could go to the Kingdom Council of Ministers to request an annulment of the snap elections called for April 28.

Furthermore, Cijntje indicates that there is nothing else Parliament can do than just that, follow the council given by the Governor in her letter. “But it remains regrettable because here in Curaçao we believed that the majority can decide but now we received the confirmation that, whenever the Governor receives a letter from Parliament with a request, meaning to ask the Kingdom Council of Ministers something, she takes it upon herself not to comply.”

According to Cijntje there is no other alternative than to go to the Netherlands. “But it will be all worth it,” said Cijntje. “Curaçao is right now at the risk of dissolving parliament and calling elections every three months. We have to stop that. The people are divided. We have to show now that there must be respect for the majority in Parliament.”

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