Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2013

Civil servants agreement signed

WILLEMSTAD — Minister of Administration, Planning and Service, Etienne van der Horst (Pais), and representatives from government unions Abvo, STrAF, NAPB and SAP signed the agreement yesterday that is to exclude civil servants from the basic medical insurance (bvz) ‘for a while’. The agreement mentions that the civil servants will not fall under the bvz when the latter is introduced on February 1st. With this the government respects the agreements made in the Social Statute that regulates the transition of civil servants from the country the Netherlands Antilles and the island territory Curaçao to the new county Curaçao. The Social Statute stipulates that the public servants will not be worse off until June 2015 as regards employment. The agreement was reached in the official consultation platform from the government and unions, the Central Organized Deliberation in Civil Service Affairs (CGOA). The fact that the government and the unions can discuss an agreement on the bvz means a gain in time because agreement in the CGOA needn’t be reached first.

However, the government insists that the civil servants eventually fall under the bvz as well. This requires consultation in the CGOA to reach an agreement. In the coming period this platform will also discuss a new pension scheme for public servants and the moderation of salaries in the sector.

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