Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2013

Coalition destroys economy and now wants the private sector to fix it

5206a9f527bcd9f8c0456fa802dad9b2_XLWILLEMSTAD – “How is it possible that Alex Rosaria and his political party PAIS, who is responsible for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, has the courage to come and say that the private sector has to show leadership and take more risk and be innovate?” according to the political party MFK.

According to the members of Parliament for MFK, it is exactly those who are in the current coalition, Pueblo Soberano (PS), PNP, PAIS and the one who stole a seat in Parliament, have done nothing for the country and they are those who caused the national debt to rise from one billion to six billion and now they want to come and show how it is suppose to be done while for years they have done nothing to help the economy. All did they was made sure they travel everywhere using the people’s money.

When they had to show leadership in the 90’s until now, they have borrowed money uncontrollably and caused an astronomic debt for others to come and fix. When they had to show leadership and take risk, after they made a deal with the Netherlands in 2005 to cover 80% of the debt, Alex Rosaria and his allies decided after 2006 until October 2010 to continue borrowing money and leave Curacao with more debts than before. When it was necessary to show creativity and innovation, Alex Rosaria decided to take more austerity measures against the pensioners, workers and the people of Curacao, causing now that between 1600 and 2000 people will lose their jobs and the economy to shrink with 2.2% if not more.

When they had to be innovative, they lied to the people about investing 270 million guilders to give an impulse to our economy and up to this day we haven’t seen a single cent pumped into the economy and no initiative was proposed to attract new investors to give the economy a push.

How can Alec Rosaria and PAIS have the courage to come and tell the private sector that they have to demonstrate leadership, take risk and be innovative? When they had to be innovative for Curacao to get its new hospital, Alex Rosaria and his coalition voted against the people and the people were left without a new hospital and without and economic impulse brought by the construction of the new hospital.

Now the same Alex Rosaria, who closed down the Amstel brewery, Di Oro cooking oil company, Continental Milling and other productive companies in our country, has the courage to come and complain to the business owners that they are not creative enough.

They can take the Cabinet Schotte as an example. This Government created a more simplified tax structure to put Curacao back on the market, to stimulate the economy and the investments by reducing the profit tax. This Government brought new projects like Sambil and C-TEX. That was Cabinet Schotte’s creativity. What did Alex Rosaria and his allies do? Increase sales tax from 6 to 9%. They’ve increased the cost for every single permit, they’ve massacred the pensioners and also the people. Now they still cry because there is no economic growth.

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