Published On: Tue, Apr 25th, 2017

Coalition parties accuse the opposition of corruption

Parliament4WILLEMSTAD - It seems as some of the coalition parties took the advantage that the opposition parties were not present during the public debate yesterday. Coalition partner MFK was sling mud at opposition party PAR accusing them of trying to buy votes for the upcoming elections. These accusations were repeated several times during the debate.

While the MFK leader Gerrit Schotte spoke about 'a business owner on the Schottegatweg Noord', the Prime Minister, Gilmar Pisas called the business owner by its name Joel da Silva Gois, owner of the retail store Goisco. According to these two MFK members, Gois offered a thousand guilders to the people in Bandabou so they can vote for the yellow party PAR.

The leader of Korsou di Nos Tur (KdNT) Amparo dos Santos was called to order by the President of Parliament Amerigo Thode when he called political opponents, especially the leader of the green party PNP, Humphrey Davelaar, a corrupt politician since birth.

As was mentioned before, the opposition parties were not present to react to these accusations. The MAN had already announced that they would not be present. Other opposition parties did not indicate why they would not attend the public meeting.

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