Published On: Wed, Jun 18th, 2014

Coalition parties are waiting on financial advice on infrastructure project

Curacao Government CenterWILLEMSTAD – The catching up efforts to fix the roads on the island became a problem between the members of the coalition. On Tuesday, the leaders of the parties forming the government met to discuss this problem. One of the points on the agenda was to determine whether the Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning, Earl Balborda has acted against the principles of the rules of good governance. According to the coalition members, this was not the case. The parties are now waiting for the advice of the Ministry of Finance.

Leader of the PNP party, Humphrey Davelaar indicated that the meeting went well and that Minister Earl Balborda and Prime Minister Ivar Asjes were present to answer questions of the party leaders. Davelaar stated that he is satisfied with the answers received and looks forward to the start of the project. “Minister Balborda did not act against the rules of good governance as was pretended in the media,” Davelaar said.

“This is why we wanted to clear the perception that Minister Balborda has acted against the rules. Balborda has followed all legal paths till he has presented his proposal to the Council of Ministers (RvM). The RvM in turn has asked the Ministry of Finance for their advice on this matter,” Davelaar indicated.

The PNP leader also said that he laments the fact that there were those who reacted without even waiting for the Ministry of Finance. The advice will be ready either this week or the next.

This whole issue became a problem when the leader of the Pueblo Soberano (PS) party accused Minister Balborda of not playing according to the rules of good governance. Cijntje indicated that the Minister is not giving other local companies the opportunity to bid on the project. The MP even said that if the Minister proceeds with the project, he would pull the plug on the coalition.

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