Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Constancia’s lawyer: “There is nothing connecting my client to the fraud case in BZV”

ConstanciaWILLEMSTAD – Former Minister of Public Health and current Member of Parliament for the opposition party MFK, Jacintha Constancia has entered into her eight days of pretrial arrest when the judged ruled yesterday that her arrest was lawful. Constancia is being held at the state prison in Koraal Specht. She was arrested for her possible involvement in the Dubnium case, which is the fraud case in the Bureau Health Services (BZV).

At first the former Minister did not have legal representation, but yesterday she was accompanied by Royston Gonnet, who will represent her in this case.

Mr. Gonet insisted that Constancia has nothing to do with the accusations. “Nowhere in the documentations indicates that she has received money from the purchase of the face masks. There is no evidence and some of the invoices for the face masks have not even been signed yet. She did not sign any check.”

According to Constancia’s lawyer, the former Minister was surprised when the authorities came to arrest her. “That’s when she found out about things that she had no idea about.”

“Constancia is confident that this will be resolved soon. She is cooperating and is sincere in her declarations. What the authorities will do is to verify everything Constancia is saying,” said Gonet.


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