Published On: Sun, Oct 7th, 2018

Content emptied safe went to Member Dos Santos

Amparo-dos-Santos-1WILLEMSTAD - Member of Parliament for the opposition party Korsou di Nos Tur Amparo dos Santos is probably involved in a bankruptcy fraud. The curator of Veneto Holiday Beach Resort & Casino says that 100,000 guilders have been removed from the safe.

The investigation has shown that the money - the last that was left - was removed from the safe on behalf of hotel owner Silverman and handed over to Dos Santos. At that time, the staff had been waiting for their salary for 2 months and dozens of creditors were queuing up.

The bankruptcy trustee did not find documents in the administration indicating that Dos Santos had a claim against the hotel. Dos Santos, who has a dubious reputation as a businessman, founded the political party Kòrsou di Nos Tur in 2016. He rarely appears at parliamentary meetings and if he is there his contribution to the debate consists mainly of insulting members of government and fellow parliamentarians as grossly as possible.

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