Published On: Mon, Jan 20th, 2014

Criticism Whiteman on ‘fluoride sociopaths’

Dr. WhitemanWILLEMSTAD – The Minister of Health, Environment and Nature, Ben Whiteman, criticized what he called the fluoride sociopaths and psychopaths last Saturday during the party meeting. “When I look at the way the information is deliberately manipulated, I can only conclude that the phenomenon of psychopaths is occurring,” the Minister said.

“Especially when I hear that courses are being taught in Emmastad by one of the distributors who sell water in blue bottles. The same person, who campaigns against fluoride, also gives lectures, what interest is served by this?”

Whiteman emphasized why they chose to keep adding fluoride to the drinking water.

“94 percent of the population has dental problems, only 30 percent of the population has a complete set of teeth. Fifteen percent of the population has no teeth, within this group, 45 percent don’t even have dentures.”

“With such great problems it is necessary to take measures; therefore, the government maintains that one should continue adding fluoride to the water” Whiteman expressed to the party members.

The minister accused the "sociopaths" of doing nothing while the country is bleeding.

“We do not have the money and we need to do what’s necessary in order to ensure that the population gets stronger teeth.”

It is not necessary according to Whiteman for people to buy expensive water from someone who is selling bottled water as a business.

The minister said to have received an invitation from Rudolf de Wit, physiotherapist, acupuncturist and known opponent of the addition of fluoride to the water, to attend a lecture organized by him.

According to the minister, he has no time for this, and he already was made ​​accountable for the addition of fluoride in Parliament.

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