Published On: Sat, Sep 7th, 2013

Declaration by the leader of the political party PAIS Alex Rosaria

Alex Rosaria

After the death of the murder suspect L.L.F. at the Barber police station, the Minister of Justice for PAIS, Mr. Nelson Navarro, has put his position of Minister at our disposal.

We, from PAIS, understand the decision of Minister Navarro. Nelson Navarro is politically accountable for failures in the chain of justice. We did not expect anything else from a person of this caliber, decency and integrity of Nelson Navarro. PAIS and I stand behind Minister Navarro who has done a good job and has gained the confidence from all organizations and entities resorting under his responsibility as Minister.
Next to political accountability, we have to also know that each person in the chain of justice has to assume his or her own responsibility. The Public Prosecutor as the one responsible to assign the location where the suspect will be detained, must be held accountable. It is good to remind all that the Public Prosecutor is constitutionally independent entity. Police corps, which was assigned by the Public Prosecutor with the safety of the suspect, must also be held accountable.

For PAIS it is important that a thorough investigation can determine what the failures were and who to hold accountable. In conclusion, once more it is more than obvious the importance of concluding the investigation into the murder case of the late Helmin Wiels as soon as possible. It is obvious that the conclusion of this case will bring peace and tranquility to the people of Curacao.

The PAIS faction requests a public meeting in Parliament to debate on the incidents leading to the death of L.L.F. and to bring Minister Navarro before the members of Parliament.

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