Published On: Thu, Jan 25th, 2018

Declaration Kingdom of the Netherlands concerning the bilateral relationship with Venezuela

dutch-kingdomTHE HAGUE - The Governments of the Kingdom of the Netherlands deeply regret the unilateral decision of the Venezuelan government to close its borders with Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire on January 5. Venezuela has done so in response to smuggling practices that would take place from Venezuela to the islands.

As a result, the Kingdom and Venezuela had extensive contacts about a joint approach to cross-border crime including smuggling. On January 12 last, constructive consultations took place between the Kingdom and Venezuela on Aruba, and both parties agreed on the necessary approach to smuggling, among other things by intensifying customs cooperation. The Kingdom has already started implementing some of the measures to combat smuggling.

It is in the interest of the Kingdom and Venezuela that there should be a rapid normalization of relations between the two neighboring countries. This fits with the close historical and cultural ties that exist between the Venezuelan people and those of the overseas countries and territories of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom, therefore, calls on the Venezuelan authorities to formally agree with the agreements made on January 12 in Aruba so that the borders between the two countries can open again and the smuggling, the reason for the border closure can be tackled together in an effective way.

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