Published On: Mon, Jul 30th, 2018

DMO’s reaction to statements by Mr Ribeiro

parking metersWILLEMSTAD - Downtown Management Organization (DMO) reacts to the article in which Mr. Ribeiro wants to clearly take away the attention on the actual problem, namely the illegal actions of his organization, which results in insufficient parking spaces in the city center.

DMO disagrees with the statements of Mr. Ribeiro in which he states that the parking policy is not the cause of the quietness in the city. Precisely due to the advent of additional competition from new shopping areas and online shopping, the shortage of parking spaces is a major cause for the reduction in the number of visitors in the city where every other shopping area has sufficient parking spaces. PAC has issued more than 80 illegal parking tickets in recent years, so that there are too few parking spaces available to visitors. In addition to the aggressive clamping policy conducted by PAC, this creates a negative image of Punda and Otrobanda.

There are many positive developments going on in Punda, such as the arrival of new hospitality concepts, new apartments being developed, new events and the arrival of new modern stores. It is precisely the parking policy of PAC that has to go along with these positive developments. The fact that Mr Ribeiro states that the money is invested in the infrastructure is therefore doubted. The parking meters have never been renewed in the last 10 years, the system is out of date, often broken and not of this time. An entrepreneur in heart and soul, such as Mr Ribeiro, could actually get the most out of parking management by going along with the time and working together on a better parking policy so that the economy of the city improves.

DMO continues to find it unjustified that a party that has nothing to do with the city center benefits from the revenue from the parking fees. Mr. Ribeiro states that the government has failed in the agreements and that therefore PAC never paid anything to the treasury, DMO finds rather an easy way out. There is clearly the specification that the money must be paid and that annual reports must be presented by the financial administrator, which has never happened. The fact that, after 10 years of parking management, PAC negotiates with the government about the precise agreements says enough about the intentions of PAC and their connection with the heart of Curaçao and the economic situation of the UNESCO World Heritage area. DMO also wonders what the exact content of the contract will be, why this has been going on for years and why it is now being drawn up at the end of the term since the conditions for the operation have already been described in the specifications 10 years ago.

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