Published On: Fri, May 4th, 2018

Dutch Kingdom should show more muscles to Venezuela

Rob_Verkerk_C-ZSKTHE HAGUE - The Netherlands has to show more muscle to Venezuela, says Rob Verkerk. The retired Brigadier General argues for more navy ships or even a submarine in Curaçao.

“You show that you have the potential to use this type of resource, according to Verkerk. The navy man previously warned of 'military adventurism' from Venezuela towards the islands.

According to Verkerk this military adventurism poses a real threat to Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire. "In the Caribbean, the unstable situation in neighboring Venezuela mainly plays a role. Besides massive refugee flows towards the ABC Islands, this can also lead to military adventurism. This is a threat to the population and the economy of this overseas part of the Netherlands, which is important for the Netherlands, of which the Netherlands has the responsibility for the external defense," says Verkerk.

The navy man pointed out to Dutch MPs that being able to fall back on allies in the Caribbean by the absence of an international security structure in that region is 'less obvious' than in Europe. "As part of 'Preventing, Defending and Strengthening', it is important that the Netherlands has a credible deterrent or contributes to this. For example, the presence of a patrol ship in the West is different from that of a frigate or just the threat of the presence of a submarine, "Verkerk told the committee. "Other countries that can possibly come to the aid will, in any case, expect that the Netherlands will also take its own responsibility."

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