Published On: Thu, Oct 16th, 2014

Dutch Parliament wants clarification sanction law

Frans TimmermansTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frans Timmermans must come to the Lower Chamber of the Dutch Parliament to explain why Curaçao is so critical of the Sanction Law presented by the Dutch Kingdom and the European Union.

The MPs are wondering whether Curaçao, but also Aruba and Sint Maarten, were involved in the drafting of this law.

The Sanction Law indicates that Curaçao has to cooperate with the European Union when there are sanctions against countries, regions, persons or groups, which make themselves guilty of terrorism. This cooperation should have been automatically accepted by Curaçao. But a majority in Parliament rejected it. Even the Prime Minister’s own party, the Pueblo Soberano.

One of the reasons the bill was rejected was the possibility of Curaçao having to turn against one of its trading partners, the South American country of Venezuela. According to Independent MP Leeflang, the bill only punishes those who committed the act of terrorism. “If Venezuela starts killing its people or committing acts of terrorism against other countries, then we as Curaçao cannot keep our mouth shut just because they are our trading partners. We have to act and support the European Union and the United Nations in the fight against terrorism,’ the MP said. The bill is not aimed against those, the EU or the UN suspect, but it’s clearly against those who have committed the act.

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